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Horseshoe Resort

20528 Williams Rd. S.E.

Cass Lake  MN 56633

In Loving Memory

6/11/1933 to 5/8/2010

Elaine M. Gundacher, having lost the love of her life, encouraged her son, Clark, to pursue his dream and volunteered to partner with him in purchasing the resort.  Clark's mother is a working partner managing the budgeting and accounting, the cabin housekeepers and the store.

She is an avid gardener and loves children and dogs, specifically Boston Terriers.  She brags about her fried fish from ice to table in 8 hours.  She, too, enjoys fishing in the fall and takes credit for Clark's love of the outdoors as well

as his woodworking development as a young boy.

Elaine spent her career years in municipal finance and her nick name, dubbed by her son, is the "bean counter".  In addition to managing accounting staffs and working with the public in local government, she married a journalist.  She always pursued the written word through reading and writing and was encouraged by her husband to write.  Winter is the time when she pursues both as well as helping Clark with winter work and spending time visiting with members of her family and friends back in Iowa.  Her only and adamant complaint about Minnesota is there is no Iowa black dirt in which to garden.  She says she doesn't miss Iowa's summer heat or bone chilling wind chills in the spring at all, but the growing season in northern Minnesota is way too short.

She also has one daughter, a graphic artist living in Davenport Iowa, her step daughter holds a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing and resides in Lake Havasu City Arizona and two step sons in Minnesota.  There are 12 grand children in the combined family, all of whom are grown but one grandson and five great grandchildren, although she will tell you the grandchildren started families way too early for her to be a great grandmother.